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Win Money Jnik Coin

Win Money Jnik Coin

Win Money Real Cash mobile game is a general knowledge based quiz game where you can improve your GK through online general knowledge quiz and also earn real money or real cash!

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Quick Think Real Cash

Quick Think Real Cash

Quick think Real Cash is make easy way to earn money. Give quickly right answer and get win point. which point is convert into money.!

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Win Money Spin Jnik Coin

Win Money Spin Jnik Coin

Win Money Spin with earn jnik coin which jnik coin is convert into money. Win Money Real Cash Spin Jnik Coin is specially designed in the Casino game Style. The game gives you a boundless Spin. Win Money Real Cash can be very useful for people to earn money.!

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iOS Game Development

With the development of latest technology and smart phones

Concept & Design

"Concept" A precise game document outlining game play and testing is made to ascertain everything achievable and discard the rest to save costs.
"Design" Involves creation of the UI for the game. Forward to client for approval or reiteration, Ascertain all compatibility issues etc.

friendly code Programming & Testing

Program your game and rigorous testing by jnik game. We try to make your game ready by this time.


Publishing your game needs to fulfil various quality standards. We cross check all that. If its an app store submission, we do that instantly.

developer friendly code

Application with awesome features, advanced theme options & much more!

GAME DEVELOPMENT & modern trend design

With the development of latest technology and smart phones, the demand for mobile apps development has increased by leaps and bounds. Jnik Games offers wide range of services in Mobile Application & Game Development by developing Mobile compatible on different mobile operating system platforms like iPhone operating system, Android operating system, Windows operating system, and BlackBerry operating system etc.

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    Yeah GAME may not have the best prices or business practises around but I can confirm that their customer service is great. They're happy to help and work relatively quick.

“Jnik Games want’s the iPhone user to have more entertaining apps like never before. That’s why only Jnik Games has uploaded number of successful apps and Games in iTunes. Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets. ”